I’m a Podcaster! At BloggingAngels.com

You know what’s even better than writing? NOT writing, and just yakking away with your friends. Especially when those friends are super bloggers Beccarama, selfishmom, and C2CMom.  Together, we’re The Blogging Angels, and our first podcast is up right now!

It’s all about Blogher10.  The swag, the people, the breakout sessions, the parties.

Get the scoop.  Relive the madness.  Or find out what you missed.

Click here to listen.  And while you’re there, leave a comment, and let us know what you think!


  1. says

    Wonderful concept… podcasting about blogging!
    And making people like me wish they had gone to BlogHer … not for the swag, although I would certainly take it, but for the interaction with people like me- sort of- and the info on how to make my blog more than what it is…
    I think I hear the Army commercial theme song playing in the background…

    Army- Be All You Can Be!

    Blogging- blog all you can blog…

    with taste, decorum and intelligence so that a brand will see you, pay attention to you and want YOU to talk about, wear, show off their STUFF!

    See- now I have brand-envy or blogher envy… or something!
    Gee Thanks!

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