I’m on ABC News about Summer Camp Blues

Well, I was SO upset about how I did at the taping (uncontrollable lip twitching, for starters) that  as soon as I left, I immediately had to go and do some serious retail therapy.  But turns out, a three camera shoot and a good editor are all it takes to make me look…not half bad!  So I didn’t totally screw up and I got a new dress!  Woo hoo!

Plus, today I’m leaving for visiting weekend, so all is well! For some reason, I can’t embed the video, but click on over to take a look…and then come back here and shower me with praise! 😉
Summer Camp Blues on ABC News


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    Great piece! You were fantastic! I didn’t see any lip twitching at all. Now I know why my parents never sent us to camp! My mom would never be able to do it…I’m sure we could of but she definitely couldn’t. I’m not complaining, Summers in Ecuador were pretty cool.

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