My Big BlogHer Bash: Big Toy Book and KidzVuz get Sweet


We had great photos by Mae Hacking

Yes, it’s taken me this long to recover from the ginormous event that was Sweet Suite 11 at BlogHer, the party KidzVuz and The Big Toy Book hosted at The Hard Rock hotel. We had swag.  We had wine. We had cupcakes.  We had line of women waiting to get in. And I’m finally (finally!) posting all about it.

And once they got in, we have Shainsware Bracelets for them to make, Xbox games for them to play, Penguin Books for them to read, a super cool bubble gun for them to ooh and ahh over…and lots more.

The night before BlogHer officially began we held out fabulous party for over 300 influential women bloggers from all over the -2country. Ever wondered what an ocean of swag looks like?  Check out these pics of set up and fulfillment of the awesome swag bags full of the incredible products from our sponsors.  From Adora to XBox Kinect, Hex Bugs to Shainsware bracelets, plus Leapfrog, Penguin Books, Briarpatch games, Activision, Disney Princess, Bananagrams and f Hasbro Nerf– the sponsors were awesome and best of all the guests had an amazing time trying out all of the super cool toys.

We were lucky enough to have Microsoft lend us 6 gorgeous PCs for the event so we could display the kid-generated sponsor reviews all over the party space.  As if super cool toys weren’t enough, our guests were also admiring the laptops in funky colors and spectacular displays.  If you’re still back to school shopping for a PC check these out!

  1. Pink Dell Inspiron 14R: It’s Pink!  What else do you need to know? Don’t like pink? You can get optional switch lids and change the color to match your mood…or outfit!  1st generation Intel Core i5 processor, 640GB HDD, 4GB RAM, Starts at $549
  2. HP Pavilion DV6 in navy blue: An entertainment laptop with a nice big screen:  2nd generation Intel Core i5 processor, comes in umber, red, blue, 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD, $749
  3. Sony VAIO C in neon green: (well, ours was green – in this pic it’s a yellow one!)  2nd generation Intel Core i5 processor, up to 750GB HDD, up to 8GB RAM, comes in 6 bright colors, starts at $749
  4. Acer TimelineX in blue: Less than one inch thick! How do they do that??!?!?:  2nd generation Intel Core i5 processor , 13.3” display, 4 GB RAM, 500 HDD, $793.23
  5. Asus Briarpatch

    The Asus - Featuring KidzVuz - gets Cozy with Briarpatch Toys

    ASUS N53JQ:  Great if you use your PC to listen to music: 1st generation Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 640GB HDDpremium sound, all aluminum chassis, $900

  6. Toshiba E305: High Performance and High Speed what you need? And it’s also in a sleek sexy package. Seriously. It won a sexy laptop award!:  2nd generation Intel Core i5 processor, 640GB HDD, 6GB RAM, backlit keyboard, Best Buy Blue Label PC, $849
Adora Baby   

How Cute is this Adora Doll?What Tween Girl wouldn't want these MeBands?



We loved getting the kid reviews for our sponsors before and after the event and now we have a little taste of what it would be like to be Santa Claus.  There is something very rewarding about handing a 30 pound swag bag full of truly awesome products to very happy and excited guests!  And we really loved working with the amazing women at The Big Toy Book: Laurie Shacht, (the Toy Insider Mom) Reyne Rice and the outrageously hard working and creative @complicatedmama, Corine Ingrassia.  Next time in New York City!!


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    It was an amazing event and one of my favorite at BlogHer! I so wanted that Adora baby doll! 🙂 It was amazing to connect with so many great brands at one event. Thank you so much!

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