Free and Hamptons are not usually words used together.  But Prevention Magazine is changing all that, by offering free yoga in the Hamptons every weekend in July.

Every weekend throughout the month, the kind folks at Prevention are providing six classes a day  along with this beautiful studio, towels, mats, and even water bottles.  It’s too good to be true…and yet it is true!

Last weekend the instructor was celebrity yoga trainer (and preternaturally beautiful) Kristin McGee, star of the adorable and fun BendiGirls video, (yoga for kids), and eight other popular yoga and pilates DVDs.   This weekend, it’s Jivamukti instructor Kyle Miller (who likes to sweat, she turned off the air conditioner this morning!). Next weekend,   the folks from Pure – quite possibly the nicest yoga studio I’ve ever been in –  will be by, after that, Yoga for Athletes author and instructor Sage Roundtree, and finally Baptiste yoga.  Which scares me, but I’m gonna try.

So far, the classes have been full, but not crazy.  And the vibe is nice – hey, we’re all getting a free yoga class, kinda evens out the field.  Free yoga also means that – for the most part – the classes are not filled with hard core yogis.  Those people usually follow a specific instructor.  Or maybe they just think that free yoga couldn’t be good yoga.  They’d be wrong.

I’ve been doing Yoga on and off since I was about fifteen – mostly on in the past several years.  And I can tell you – if the first two instructors are any indication – the classes are excellent. In addition to being so pretty that it’s almost like you have to shield your eyes when you look at her, lest you be blinded by the glow, Kristin McGee was accessible, thorough, charming, challenging and gave precise, well timed instruction.

The studio is light and airy, with a lovely lounge area, and everyone is really friendly and nice.  Also (sadly) not words usually associated with the Hamptons.

The Yoga is also sponsored by Colgate Pro-Clinical, which means they are giving out free toothpaste. (Hey, that stuff is expensive!) And also by Silk soy-milk products,  and Joint Juice, perhaps the only “sports drink” I have ever tried that I actually liked. Eucerin – which, judging by the samples they’re giving out, has a new lightly scented lotion. (My daughter = Eucerin addict), Transitions lenses (I have no idea what they have to do with anything, but hey, they’re providing me with free yoga, they deserve a shout out, don’tcha think?),  and Planters Nutrition, are also helping out.  All in all – it’s free yoga and freebies.  What could be wrong?

Well – there is one thing wrong. The studio has a lot of mirrors.  So just when I think I’m looking strong and fabulous in my Warrior Two, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and, well, it’s just wrong. But that’s just me.

Why is Prevention doing this?  I don’t know, and I don’t care. They are, it’s great, and if you’re in the Hamptons, you should check it out.

Note: I have no connection whatsoever to either Prevention Magazine, or any of the sponsors or instructions associated with this Yoga Studio.  My only compensation was free yoga classes…which are available to anyone who signs up.

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