Wii Fit Plus Winner

First of all, let me tell you: you guys like your sweets.

I asked you to write a comment with your worst holiday indulgence and I think I gained ten pounds just reading them.

Lots of people said fudge, and Christmas cookies. But some people really let it all hang out.  Like Moonlighting Mama, who said “Pumpkin Pie.  Like a whole pie.”  One woman said cheese balls.  Really?  Another said Grinch Balls — which do sound pretty seriously good. Props to the one and only Hannukah foodie. I’m with you, babe. But my favorite indulgence was the one from the guy who just said Food.

Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it.

The winner (as chosen by random.org, btw)  turned out to be a fellow NYCMoms blogger (beccarama) who lives in my neighborhood.  Pretty funny, since I knew almost none of the nearly 200 entrants.  I walked the dog and met her on West End Ave where I did the handoff.  No postage required.

I’m planning on more giveaways soon…probably from Nintendo.  So stay tuned.  And read me once in a while, even if I’m not giving something away.  At least while you’re typing you won’t be eating!

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