Why Aren’t I more excited about Blogher10?

The twitterverse is all atwitter. The invitations are flying. Blogher10 is almost here.  So why aren’t I more excited?

As Blogher10 approaches, I’ve been posting less, instead of more.  I’ve been ignoring Twitter all together.

And I really don’t know why.

Maybe I’m feeling intimidated.  Women I know who have been blogging for a lot less time than I have twice as many Twitter followers, lots of comments on their sites, a better understanding of SEO and probably did better than me on their SAT’s. Oh, and they’re all thinner for sure.

Maybe I’m just a downer.  You know – everyone is excited so I can’t be.

Or maybe it’s because I don’t really know what I want out of it.  I don’t think I could ever monetize Hip to Housewife, so that’s not it.  I don’t want a free diaper bag.  So that’s not it.

It’s bumming me out.  Or it was. Because last night, I had dinner with the lovely and talented women from The Culture Mom Blog, A Child Grows in Brooklyn, Dusty Earth Mother and Ma Vie et Ma Joie. And I finally figured out why I’m going to Blogher and why I blog in the first place: the people.  The women I’ve met in the blogging world are smart and funny and aware.  They’re supportive and interesting.  And quite a few of them make me laugh.

So here’s to Blogher.  I won’t be at every party.  I won’t understand a lot of the technical stuff, but I will be with an amazing group of women.

I think I could get excited about that.


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