DSi XL: Bigger really is better

Seems like we like everything big in this country.  Big cars, big hair, big portions in big fast food restaurant chains.  And now, big handheld games. With a screen that's  93% bigger than a DSLite, the new DSiXL, releasing today,  is poised to be the - if you'll excuse the expression -  next Continue Reading

Me and Rachael Ray

I have 67 cookbooks.  67! Julia Child, James Beard, Jim Fobel, Patricia Wells, Barbara Kafka, The Silver Palate gals...to name a few.  And those are only the ones in active rotation.  There are other "collectible" cookbooks around the house too - my 1950's Happy Housewife book, for instance. .   I Continue Reading

Best Brisket EVER

Like the most beautiful baby in the world, the greatest Brisket Recipe is something everyone thinks they have.  Only I really do.  Really. This is Brisket that'll have you speaking Yiddish even if you were raised my nuns.  This is Brisket that would give a vegetarian pause, would get Sarah Palin to Continue Reading