It’s a (Blogger) Dog’s Life

Me, Art Smith, and my MomOwner

It was quite a party.  Really it was.  I paid for it the next day, of course.  I mean, I live  a pretty simple life.  And a party like that - all that indulging.  Well, it takes something out of you. But from the moment I got into that black radio-car to be driven to the W Hotel Downtown, I knew Continue Reading

Not Ready for Holly-woof


My dog is too fat for TV work. Let me explain.  Bentley - my dog - is a mutt.  Not a designer breed kind of mutt, but an actual we-have-no-idea-what-kind-of-dog-he-is mutt. Oh, and he has an agent. No really.  My nineteen pound rescue dog (Petfinders) from Arkansas has an agent who works with him, Continue Reading

Stories from the Dog Park

Weird things happen at the dog park.  And I've been collecting them. Seen as a list, it's kind of amazing that anyone has a dog.  Why put up with this crap?  And picking up his crap? And sometimes having to wipe the crap from his straggly butt hair? Am I grossing you out?  Good.  At least I'm not Continue Reading

Busy Doing Nothing

At the end of every day, I feel like I have done nothing. Oh I've been busy all right. But doing what? So one day last week, I decided to keep track of my day -- how could I have been so busy during all those hours when the kids were at school and have nothing to show for it? Here's how. 6:50 Continue Reading

My Dog Has Gone Punk Rock on Me

So I made this really really good meatball dish for dinner. Not that labor intensive (despite the long ingredient list). Needless to say - the hubby forgot to tell me he had a business dinner, my son took one look at it and said he didn't like it, and my daughter and I were left with two dozen Continue Reading