Is Decluttering the same as Saying Goodbye?

Not too long ago, I went on a cleaning binge.  One of the things I threw out was a poster-sized blow up of a picture of me from my wedding.  My husband had blown up pictures from several different stages of my life to decorate the room in which he threw me a surprise 40th birthday party.  The Continue Reading

My Kids Aren’t Coming Home from Camp. Yet.

So sleepaway camp was supposed to be for four weeks. Four weeks of no tooth brushing, rare showering, mediocre (at best) food, and fun fun fun.   For them. I'm talking about them. For me, those four weeks went almost exactly the way a friend of mine told me they would: week 1 - I was tearing up Continue Reading

When is Puberty Ed a bit to Ed-ucational?

My son patiently explained that when a baby was growing inside of it's mother, it got all of it's nourishment from the Polenta. Perhaps Puberty Education (the new p.c. way of saying sex education) isn't quite working out. For years, when my kids asked where babies came from, I told them the truth: Continue Reading

At Least my Dog Still Loves Me

The Kids vs. The Dog I remember the olden days when my children would cry and carry on when I left the house to go out. "Don't go Mommy! Don't go!" And when they would rejoice at my return, running to the door to smother me with kisses....even if I had only gone downstairs to get the mail. But Continue Reading

Walked In On…

So my daughter "walked in on us" the other day. Funny since (sorry hubby) it's not like statistically speaking, there are a whole lot of chances for that to happen. (so sue me. kids. work. blog. puppy. life. oh, and swine flu. my uber- excuse for everything. )  It happens to every parent, I'm sure. Continue Reading