When Best Friends Break Up

The invitation to my 30th High School reunion is haunting me. It seems impossible. Thirty years? At my 10th High School reunion, JL., one of the Popular Girls in my suburban High School's impenetrable social hierarchy, wondered aloud in the Ladies Room why Andy H., one of the popular boys, hadn't Continue Reading

Goodbye, David Rakoff

They're rosy, they're peachy, they understand Nietzsche, Those beautiful brainy girls. They write well, they work hard, they understand Kierkegaard, Those beautiful brainy girls. Each one is undeniably intellectual. And thank God they're certifiably heterosexual. They know their Cervantes, Continue Reading

Top Ten Blissdom Takeaways

The day I was supposed to leave for Nashville to go to Blissdom, a blogger conference in Nashville, NYC got 19” of snow.  Flight cancelled that day, and then that night, and the next morning, afternoon and evening, until the only flight available was Friday morning at 6:30.  And the whole conference Continue Reading

Is it Time I Stopped Blogging?

I think it might be time for me to hang up my keyboard, pass on the Wordpress, stop with the stats.  I think it might be time for me to stop blogging. I had a lot of friends in High School who wanted to be actors.  Most of them  auditioned for years and years, waiting tables all the while, until Continue Reading

A Psychopath left a Comment on my Blog!

Earlier this week my post about how to behave at a Broadway Show got a lot of attention when the  lovely now-they're-my-best-friends people at Wordpress chose it for Freshly Pressed, their daily pick of the 10 most comment-worthy posts on the nearly 240,000 blogs housed there.  I got a lot of hits Continue Reading

BlogHer10: Pros and Cons

The swag is put away (mostly), the business cards gone through (totally), the laryngitis fading (sorry, hubby, I can talk endlessly again). Yes, it  was my first year at Blogher, and now it's time for a little post mortem.  Just how was it? I went into BlogHer thinking that how I felt about BlogHer Continue Reading

Why Aren’t I more excited about Blogher10?

The twitterverse is all atwitter. The invitations are flying. Blogher10 is almost here.  So why aren't I more excited? As Blogher10 approaches, I've been posting less, instead of more.  I've been ignoring Twitter all together. And I really don't know why. Maybe I'm feeling intimidated.  Women I Continue Reading