Book Giveaway: The Winners

Congrats to Heidi and Rebecca!  You've each won a copy of See Mom Run, with essays by Mom 101, NYC Single Mama, Twinfatuation, Role Mommy, Momma Said, me(!) and many more. Didn't win but still want to read it? Buy it, why dontcha?  Just click on the little book icon just over there on the right, Continue Reading

Elmo and The Hoff: I thank you….I think

See those two guys right here?  Yeah, them, Elmo and David Hasselhoff, well because of those two, I'm suddenly getting hundreds and hundred of clicks on my site every day. Why, you ask?  I have absolutley no idea. I searched around to see if perhaps there was big Elmo news at the moment.  Maybe Continue Reading

My First Working Mom Dilemma

A few years ago, when my twins were three or four years old, I left my daughter home with the Nanny while I went to work.  My Wee One (WO) had a cold, so part way through my day, I called to see how she was. Me: Hi baby-girl! How are you? Wee One: I'm fine.  But where are you, Mommy? Me: I'm at Continue Reading

The Party’s Over

Yesterday, I took a job. A real, honest to goodness, I will get a paycheck job. I didn't do this lightly. I had slowed down working a lot about three years ago, then stopped completely one year ago, and I was starting to lose my mind. Full-time mommy-hood was killing me. Too much stress. Too Continue Reading