Giveaway: Pillow Pet and Pillow Pet DS Game

Everybody loves Pillow Pets.  They’re pillows, they’re stuffed animals.  They are, it seems, universally loved.

Personally, I don’t get it.  To me, they’re neither really stuffed animals, nor quite real pillows.  But hey, that’s why I invented KidzVuz, so kids could tell us what they love — even when their parents don’t get it.

And if you have a kid who loves pillow pets, she’s going to love the Pillow Pets DS game even more. And I’m giving away both: a Pet and the new game.

The Pillow Pets game for Nintendo DS lets kid BE Pillow Pets.  They jump, fly, buzz and explore Dreamland, the Pillow Pets virtual world.  The tasks are simple and completely non-violent – appropriate for younger kids (it’s pretty much unisex), and easy enough for them to master. (My 11 year old though it was super- cute, but for younger kids) What she especially like was that as you complete levels, you earn accessories for your pet, hats, glasses and more!   That makes the virtual pets even cuter.  PillowPets for DS is an easy, fun, sweet as can be game for kids up to age 7.

Want one?  I’m giving away a Pillow Pets game for Ninendo DS and an adorable Turtle Pillow Pet plush toy to go with it.

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what your kid loves about Pillow Pets. (Writing “I want to win” in the comments won’t cut it.)

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Want three extra entries?

Have your 7-12 year old child leave a review of their own Pillow Pet on (free membership required, for kids ages 7-12 only.  All KidzVuz accounts require parental approval, so make sure the “parent email” your child submits when they register is the same email you use in your comment below)

That’s it!  Good luck everyone!

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  1. says

    My daughter not only has a Pillow Pet (Witzi the Duck) she has a Happy Napper as well – I don’t understand either but she loves them and finds a way to sleep with them regardless of how uncomfortable I think they are.

  2. Sandra Polanco says

    My kids always see the Pillow pets commercials and have been wanting one so badly. We actually purchased one for a birthday gift for a friend and he loved it! They seem so cuddly, comfortable and FUN!

  3. Shelly Friedland says

    My five-year-old daughter loves her pillow pet — for exactly the reason the ads say: it’s a pillow, and a pet! It’s great for traveling — they take their pillow and a stuffed animal with them, all in one. (Full disclosure — we’ve had to bring the stuffed animals too….) It was great to have the pillow pet with us on 2 long flights from NYC to California, made her comfortable, both physically and emotionally. She has recently mentioned getting another one because they are “so cute” (imagine this being said in squeaky, 5-year-old girl voice) so I would love to win! (And she has a DSi and we’re training it down from NYC to Philly next week, so I’m sure she’d love a new game too!)

  4. jenny moore says

    My to cool for everything under the sun, 10 (going on 25) year old has a new love for all pillow pets because according to her they are the new “UNcool” “Cool” thing….its all too much for me but id love to give her one =)

  5. Jennifer Marie says

    My kids love that there are so many pillow pets to choose from. I have two boys and there are plenty of the pillow pets geared for boys and they love that!

  6. Tori says

    My little on LOVES Pillow Pets. She has the unicorn but is asking for several more on her list this year. She sleeps with them, travels with them and even plays tea party with them. I know she’d love the game too – thanks for the chance!

  7. Diane says

    Oh my gosh, my little boy loves the pillow pet commercials. He is begging me to order the penguin one before Christmas. I’m not sure why he loves them maybe because they are animals and he loves animals.