Legal Stuff

With the new FCC regulations, legal mumbo jumbo is a must.  So here goes.

Occasionally, I do reviews.  Much of the time, products and services I review have been given to me by the manufacturer/PR agency.  If this is the case, I WILL TELL YOU SO — up front, in the post itself.

Please know, however, that just because a company gives me something, does not give them the right to tell me what to say.  They send me stuff in the hopes that I’ll like it and write about it.  I could choose not to write about it, or I could not like it, and write about that, too.

In other words, just because something is free, doesn’t mean I’m going to praise it ad nauseum.  If you’re reading this, you must trust me a little.  So trust me on that- I won’t sell you out.

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