Wordless Wednesday: Neil Sedaka: Rock ‘n’ Roll Survivor

Last night, I went to a party to celebrate the release of Neil Sedaka: Rock ‘n’ Roll Survivor, a book by my friend Rich Podolsky about Sedaka’s rise to fame, fall from it, and climb back to the top.

Sedaka is a legend.  But that didn’t stop the doorman from asking for his name…and asking him to spell it – before letting him into the building for his own party.  An exchange Sedaka and his lovely wife took in stride. (and I kinda slowed down on my push of the elevator button so I could ride up with them.  Amazing!)

But what was really amazing, was how Sedaka, after telling us how much he love’s Podolsky’s book, his research, his writing — sat down at the piano and sang The Hungry Years.

A legend in your living room.  Enjoy.  (and buy the book.  It’s fantastic.)

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    I loved Neil Sedaka, did not realize he had a fall from fame!! I’ll have to read this book!!! How great to sit in a cozy little room and listen to him sing along with the piano, he sounds excellent!! Thanks for sharing!!

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