Windows Phone Giveaway

While I have LONG been a Windows Phone girl, I am still in possession of only the lowliest Windows Phone - an ancient HTC Model - but what I covet is the HTC Windows Phone 8X.  It’s HTC’s first Windows 8 phone, and it's already been crowned by reviewers as the best one ever. We're giving one away Continue Reading

Is it Time I Stopped Blogging?

I think it might be time for me to hang up my keyboard, pass on the Wordpress, stop with the stats.  I think it might be time for me to stop blogging. I had a lot of friends in High School who wanted to be actors.  Most of them  auditioned for years and years, waiting tables all the while, until Continue Reading

CES: A Non-Techie’s Take

There are lots of people out there way more qualified than I out there to talk about the latest and greatest in tech debuted at CES. So intead, I'm going to talk about Las Vegas: land of  short skirts and sparkly tops. Land where a big giant row of slot machines is staring you in the face the Continue Reading