Family Travel: To Tech or not to Tech?

Family pic from Lake Louise

Family vacations are supposed to be all about togetherness.  So does that mean that no one can be on their phone or handheld game, or ipad, or computer the entire time? Yikes. I mean, can you get the DTs from electronic withdrawal syndrome? Kim Orlando gave that a shot on her recent family Continue Reading

Giveaway: Pillow Pet and Pillow Pet DS Game

pillow pets hi res front 8_23

Everybody loves Pillow Pets.  They're pillows, they're stuffed animals.  They are, it seems, universally loved. Personally, I don't get it.  To me, they're neither really stuffed animals, nor quite real pillows.  But hey, that's why I invented KidzVuz, so kids could tell us what they love -- even Continue Reading

Leapfrog Love

So it's Hannukah (ok, ok, it doesn't start until tomorrow, so we had our other side of the family party early too, so sue me again!) And I finally gave my kids their Leapfrog stuff. A Didj for my son and a Leapster 2 for my daughter.  (I gave away a Didj last week on my site, if you missed your Continue Reading