I Love my Spammy WordPress Followers

I love vanity sizing. Why? I am not a size six.  Even on a good day, I'm a size 8. (And mostly, they're not good days) But in the world of Vanity Sizing, I can wear a six. I know it's bull.  I know I'm the same size in a 12 as I am in a 10 as I am in an 8 or a 6.  But I don't care.  I LOVE Continue Reading

Is it Time I Stopped Blogging?

I think it might be time for me to hang up my keyboard, pass on the Wordpress, stop with the stats.  I think it might be time for me to stop blogging. I had a lot of friends in High School who wanted to be actors.  Most of them  auditioned for years and years, waiting tables all the while, until Continue Reading