Walked In On…

So my daughter “walked in on us” the other day. Funny since (sorry hubby) it’s not like statistically speaking, there are a whole lot of chances for that to happen. (so sue me. kids. work. blog. puppy. life. oh, and swine flu. my uber- excuse for everything. )  It happens to every parent, I’m sure. (Though if it happened with me and my parents, I must have VERY successfully blocked it out.)

Anyhoo, I guess we got lucky, as we were still in what I will delicately refer to as the “planning stages.”  And under the covers. And, needless to say, in the dark.   (seriously, have you read anything about me and my body image?)

Plus, hubby reacted perfectly.  Instead of jumping so high he hit his head on the ceiling, he casually greeted her with a “What are you doing out of bed, sweetie?”

She wasn’t falling for it. “What were you doooo-ing?” (you have to draw out that “dooo” sound and lilt up on the “ing” to get the intonation. Try it. Got it? Good.)

I decided to let hubby handle it.

“You caught Daddy kissing Mommy.”

Brilliant! Not a lie….just not exactly the truth.

“Naked?” she asked.

“I’m naked,” I said (and please, spare yourselves the mental picture.  It ain’t pretty.  Remember: under the covers, under the shield of darkness.) ‘But Daddy is still wearing his pajama bottoms, see?”

“Why are you naked?” Yeesh, won’t this kid give it a rest?

“I was on my way to the shower when Daddy started kissing me.”

“Do you do this….usually?” Evidently she was NOT ready to give it a rest.

“Well, it’s really cozy under our new comforter.  Why don’t you come in with us?”

“Naked?” ahhh, heading towards giving it a rest.


And with that, hubby got up to get ready for bed, daughter whipped off her nightie and got under the covers, I got a chance to cuddle with my little girl, and all was right with the world.

Crisis averted.  Innocence maintained.  And lock purchased.

Please, please, leave a comment telling me I’m not the only one who may have scarred her child for life.  This happens. Right? Right? Right?

Oh, and please don’t mention to hubby that I posted about this.  This would NOT make him happy.  No, not at all.


  1. says

    Yes. This happens to people all over the world. Except the ones who have the “family bed”. I don’t think they have “grown-up” time… EWWWW, god I seriously hope not.
    But then how do they get more than one kid? EWWWW…
    Okay, forget I said anything. Got this awful mental picture dancing before my eyes… gotta go do something wholesome, like poke out my eyes with a mascara brush, or check to make sure the lock on our bedroom door works.

    So- yep. You are not alone.
    Just leave it at that.

  2. says

    Can you imagine the days that families slept together on the floor in a small room? Talk about EEEWWW.

    We had an unfortunate incident with a baby monitor up at our cabin two summers ago. I blogged it here and aptly titled it ‘Humiliated’. http://shejusthadtosayit.com/2008/07/humiliated/

    Incidentally, I also got myself into some trouble again this weekend. I blogged about it today. GAH.

    Your daughter sounds precocious! God willing, she’ll VERY successfully block this one out.

  3. Misty VanEpps says

    OMG! that is hillarious. My daughter has walked in on us, we have told her the good ole story that mommy and daddy are wrestling! lol, and she calls it picking a fight. she likes to pick fights with daddy and pretend to beat him up. she is very obedient and when told to go do something else she goes.

  4. ktv says

    🙂 Yep. I had once walked into my parents when I was 8. I had gone to pick a hammer. The house was locked while we were playing outside.
    So as not to wake up my parents, I jumped through the courtyard wall and made it to the bedroom to pick the tools from the cupboard. It was when I turned to return I realized something was going on.
    Anyway I went back outside. However, when I returned later and it was playtime again, my dad told my friends that I was not well so I wouldn’t be playing that day.
    I took the hint, didn’t argue and that was it, for the rest of my life.
    Yes I have blacked out that incident. Yes to my wonderful parents as well, who left me alone with that as well. Even as an adult, it is a really disturbing thought.
    As I was at the other end – trust me, to me, my position seems to be worse.

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