My Dog Doesn’t Eat my Underwear Anymore

or How my dog drove me to get Botox.



In past years having my period at work meant I regularly employed the old tampon up your sleeve on the way to the rest room routine. But of late I take a different tack. In my dotage, I march towards the restroom twirling my tampon like a baton. If I could light the thing on fire, throw it up in the air, and catch it with my vagina, I’d do that too. Because at this stage of my endless peri-menopause, where making it through the night with only one dripping-wet night sweat is a victory –  anything that screams to the world I’M NOT ALL DRIED UP YET is a good thing.

Because the world thinks I’m old.

Even my dog.  My dog doesn’t eat my underwear anymore. This is good news, I know.  But still.

The internet thinks I’m old, too. A baby wearing an “I Wrecked my Mom’s Vagina.” T-shirt showed up in my inbox the other day.  It was an ad for a re-vagination spa.  Evidently, re-vagination is a thing, “including v-lightening, v-tightening, and o-shot”.  (I have no idea what that last one is, and quite honestly, I’m afraid to find out. After all, if that infant could wreck a vagina, who knows what else he’s capable of.)

I can’t decide which is worse:  that there are enough women in the world worried about their aging vajayjays that this spa exists, or that internet marketers, with their vast and ever-growing knowledge of the deepest truth of my being, determined that re-vagination was something I’d be interested in.

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