9 Tips for Broadway Theatre Goers


Hand to God has turned the Incident into an Ad Campaign

A few years ago I published a version of this post about what NOT to do when seeing a Broadway Show.  Evidently, not enough people saw it, as this past week saw one audience member JUMP ONTO THE STAGE (!) to plug in his cell phone at Hand To God, and another text so continuously from the front row at Shows for Days, that star Patti Lupone – in character, of course – grabbed the woman’s cell phone right out of her hand.

There’s something rotten in dem-Theaters, people.  What is going on?  Clearly, I need to re-publish and update my list of tips for Broadway theatre going.  So here you are:

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Family Volunteer Vacation: The Prequel


How I decided to take my family on a family volunteer trip to a Holler in West Virginia to celebrate my birthday. If you’ve ever read anything on my blog, you know this is the year I’m turning 50.  For my husband’s 50th, a few years ago, we went on a family trip to South […]

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It’s Not Too Late for Holiday Cards


This post is sponsored by Minted I know, I know.  You’re thinking:  what?  It’s not too late for Holiday Cards?  Is she nuts? Well, maybe.  But not because of that.  It’s not too late for holiday cards because there’s always another holiday!  Forgot to send out ChristKwanHan cards?  No worries.  Send a little love for […]

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Blogging Myself Young

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So, 2015 is the year I turn fifty.  Which means it’s also the year I do my damnedest not to LOOK like I’m turning 50.  Luckily, I’m a blogger, and there are any number of companies willing to exploit my hysteria over the big five-oh, by offering me youth enhancing services to try. From cures for […]

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