Suburban Grocery Shopping from Home: Peapod $100 #Giveaway

How I got my ‘burban shopping on and you can too, with a #Peapod  $100 #Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Peapod.  As always. all opinions are my own.

square_peapod_logoLiving in the city has its advantages: great restaurants, great theatre, diversity, excitement.  But it has its disadvantages, too.  Smaller living quarters, crowded subways, stinky summer streets (coming soon to a neighborhood near you) and really, really small, crowded, mostly awful grocery stores.

Grocery shopping in Manhattan is like being a contestant one of those obstacle course gameshows.  Will you fit down the aisle with a full-sized cart without breaking someone’s toe?  Can you maneuver around the  ill-conceived tasting station without knocking over the knockwurst?  Can you time a trip to Trader Joe’s so that it doesn’t take you 25 minutes to buy one box of well-priced cereal and a bag of mixed nuts?

Sadly, the answer to all of those is mostly no. Going to the grocery store in NYC is an ordeal. Always. (Though here’s a tip: Friday nights and Tuesday mornings at 10 seem to be less horrible than other times.. You’re welcome)

Then there are suburban grocery stores:  Big aisles, huge selection, non-heart attack inducing prices. Helpful staff.  Any staff.  It’s kind of astonishing. When I visit a suburban supermarket, I feel like what I imagine USSR exiles felt when they first visited supermarkets in America: awed, amazed, and overwhelmed by the scale of it all.  All I need is a bubushka to make the scene complete.

So when PeaPod, the delivery service from the suburban grocery chain, Stop and Shop, contacted me to let me know they were starting delivery service in Manhattan, I was kind of excited at the prospect.  Maybe Peapod would bring a bit of that suburban shopping experience — the great prices, the vast selection, the actual existence of humans capable of communicating information to you without sneering or complaining that you asked a question (have you ever been the to the Gristedes on W86th Street?  Oh, the horror.) — well, I was game to give it a try.Continue Reading

Family Volunteer Vacation: The Prequel


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It’s Not Too Late for Holiday Cards


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Blogging Myself Young

banner 1

So, 2015 is the year I turn fifty.  Which means it’s also the year I do my damnedest not to LOOK like I’m turning 50.  Luckily, I’m a blogger, and there are any number of companies willing to exploit my hysteria over the big five-oh, by offering me youth enhancing services to try. From cures for […]

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Fifty Signs I’m Turning 50 this Year

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The New Year is upon us once again.  And while you may think of it as 2015, I think of it as “the Year I’m going to turn 50.” Fifty!! How did that happen?  Well, it took about fifty years.  Luckily, with centenarians the fastest growing age group in the US, I can still call myself […]

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Get VAVAVoom Hair with Women’s Rogaine: Giveaway!

Hair 11-9-2014 7-55-28 PM

I was asked to participate in the #rogainevolume campign, sponsored by Women’s ROGAINE. Although I have been compensated, as always all opinions are my own.The original tagline of my blog was “If  40′s the new 30, someone forgot to tell my thighs.”  At this point, I’ve been blogging so long that 40 seems downright youthful. […]

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