Hey NY! Do you Believe in Women’s Rights? Then VOTE that way.

Here are some depressing facts:

  • 25% of women will suffer physical abuse during their lifetime
  • For Every Dollar a Man earns, a woman earns only 77 cents.
  • While 7 in 10 Americans are pro-choice, only:

4 in 10 members of the U.S. Congress are pro-choice

3 in 10 governors are pro-choice
1 in 10 states have both a pro-choice House and Senate

It is time for women and those who love us to stand up and make  our voices heard. That’s why there’s a new political party, formed this July, that you should know about: the Women’s Equality Party.

If you and 50,000 other New Yorkers cast your votes for Governor on the WEP line on Election Day, we will have formed the only Women’s Equality Party in the nation.Continue Reading

I Miss My Car

In the annals of reality television, perhaps no show is as weird as My Strange Addiction, the show about people addicted to things like eating toilet paper, eating glass, licking their cats.  Really.  But one of the weirdest — and one of the only episodes I’ve ever seen – featured a man who was having “an […]

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CE WEEKin NYC: Some of my Faves

techlicious logo

CES is a massive, miles long, completely insane, totally exhausting labyrinth from which it feels you may never escape.  CE WEEK, however, held each week in smaller venues across  the country, is an interesting, manageable look at the latest in tech. In my case, it even comes with a fab lunch, courtesy of Techlicious, at […]

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Toddy Gear Review

NantucketPocketFolding- ToddyGear-

Full Disclosure: To facilitate this review, I received the  products pictured.  As usual, all opinions expressed are my own.   Fingerprints. Gunk. Grime.  Sticky Stuff.  That’s what ends up on my phone screen ALL the TIME. That’s why I was so excited that Toddy Gear to get a box of well-designed screen cleaning products from […]

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