FIVE THINGS I LEARNEDThe secrets of maximizing Pinterest from the #5 employee at Pinterest herself.

As a blogger, I’m invited to a lot of events.  And each of those events comes with an unspoken contract:  the sponsor will provide you with information or an experience of some kind, or some swag,  in exchange for you using your social media influence to help us get the word out about their product/brand. Some of these events  are good.  Some are mediocre.  Some aren’t worth the time it took on the train to get there. And then every once in a while there’s one that it so worthwhile that you run home, and before you’ve even looked at what’s in your swag bag, you boot up your laptop and start utlilizing the new skills you learned at the event.  That’s what happened to me at the Blogger Breakfast (they called it the Mommy Blogger breakfast, but I’ll ignore that slight, given how great it was) I went to on Thursday hosted by Andrea Smith at CE Week in NYC.Continue Reading

Family Volunteer Vacation: The Prequel


How I decided to take my family on a family volunteer trip to a Holler in West Virginia to celebrate my birthday. If you’ve ever read anything on my blog, you know this is the year I’m turning 50.  For my husband’s 50th, a few years ago, we went on a family trip to South […]

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It’s Not Too Late for Holiday Cards


This post is sponsored by Minted I know, I know.  You’re thinking:  what?  It’s not too late for Holiday Cards?  Is she nuts? Well, maybe.  But not because of that.  It’s not too late for holiday cards because there’s always another holiday!  Forgot to send out ChristKwanHan cards?  No worries.  Send a little love for […]

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Blogging Myself Young

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So, 2015 is the year I turn fifty.  Which means it’s also the year I do my damnedest not to LOOK like I’m turning 50.  Luckily, I’m a blogger, and there are any number of companies willing to exploit my hysteria over the big five-oh, by offering me youth enhancing services to try. From cures for […]

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Fifty Signs I’m Turning 50 this Year

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The New Year is upon us once again.  And while you may think of it as 2015, I think of it as “the Year I’m going to turn 50.” Fifty!! How did that happen?  Well, it took about fifty years.  Luckily, with centenarians the fastest growing age group in the US, I can still call myself […]

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